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Podcast – Ballin’ with Bozos

The worst podcast on the internet can be listened to right here.


Podcast: Ballin’ with Bozos


It’s a new NBA season.  With new storylines.  And new offensive subject matters to accidentally stumble into.

Listen here.

Podcast – Ballin’ with Bozos: Episode 13


Oh hey gang.  On Thursday, June 27th Gavin and Brian did a rapid fire reaction podcast to the NBA Draft.  Easily the worst podcast on the internet, but they seem like nice guys.

To listen, click here.



PODCAST – Ballin’ with Bozos: The Lost Episode


Gavin and Brian went to Buffalo Wild Wings for beers and wings aplenty.  A podcast was created thereafter, but lost in space due to a nameless blog administrator suffering a 5 day hangover as a result of the aforementioned trip to Buffalo Wild Wings.  No…NO idea what took place on this podcast.  Just that the Pacers/Heat and Grizzlies/Spurs series were just about to start. Pretty sure basketball was discussed.

The benefit of getting shithammered at B-Dubs prior to recording a podcast that won’t get posted online for 3 weeks?  The topics are far reaching, broad, and not time sensitive at all.

If you care to take a listen, click here.

PODCAST: Ballin with Bozos – Episode 11


Hey. Weird.  Live podcast up in dis bitch, bozos.

After Brian and Gavin go to a local bar and watch Game 3 of the Spurs/Warriors, they discuss nothing but Warriors basketball.  Good.  Bad.  Ugly.  Kinda Shitfaced.  Fun (?).  Eh.  It’s kinda funny.

Ballin’ with Bozos: A Podcast Returns


Look.  I know we haven’t done a podcast in like forever but shut up about it OK?  I shouldn’t be saying this but for reals, this podcast is basically the equivalent of going to your local Buffalo Wild Wings 10 minutes before closing time and listening to two bozos drunkenly yap about God-knows-what.  But that’s a fun activity, so why not make that a podcast?  This was recorded 3 nights ago, and since then the Warriors have moved on to the 2nd round, and I’m just posting this pod now, because I’m basically the best blog administrator ever.

Follow the below link to listen to the gang talk about Warriors basketball, David Kahn’s demise (and inevitable rise in a white hot new career), Jason Collins getting the Ballin’ with Bozos stamp of approval, and more.

PODCAST – Ballin’ with Bozos: Episode 9


Wassup ya big nerds.  On this episode of Ballin’ with Bozos, the boyz talk about Mark Jackson being old school, Terry Stotts running the Portland Trail Blazers starters into the ground, Lamarcus Aldridge proving the difference between “good” jump shooter and “capable” jump shooter, the possible vindication of Pau Gasol, discussing the confusing/enraging mind of Royce White, planning the next live show (and what subjects will make Gavin cry), and more.

Episode 9: Non-Soundcloud Edition

PODCAST – Ballin with Bozos: Episode 8

jj hustle

WASSUP MY WANKSTAS. This is getting posted a day late (technical issues) but that’s just how I do.

On this episode of Ballin’ with Bozos, the boyz talk about why Jamal Crawford isn’t well received in Portland, the remainder of the Celtics season, John Hollinger versus Jeff Green and Bill Simmons, Nicolas Batum becoming the best player on the Blazers, JJ Hickson planking, the return of Andrew Bogut, Stacey King: best commentator EVER, and more.

Podcast – Ballin’ with Bozos: Episode 7


On this episode of “Ballin’ with Bozos” Gavin compliments himself on his song choices, Brian gets jittery about the Warriors remaining schedule, the boyz discuss why Mark Jackson never lifted weights, Gavin gets superpumped about the celebrity death match that is the starting lineup of the Eastern Conference All Stars, Rajon Rondo being a dickhead and kinda awesome at the same time, Billy Hunter being a con-man, and more.

Fun fact: Gavin ends the episode talking about the Blazers for 4 minutes then immediately compliments himself for not talking about the Blazers during the episode.

Podcast – Ballin’ with Bozos: Episode 6


Happy New Year my wankstas!  Discussed on this epiosde of Ballin’ with Bozos: Brian’s mea culpa to David Lee, Lamarcus Aldridge’s torrid love affair with 16-23 foot jumpers, The Maloof’s getting dirtier than Rachel Phelps, Latrell Sprewell’s afternoon party gone awry, the bed Deron Williams made, Gavin’s botched New Years Resolution, the debut of our very first segment “SHOULDA DISSED YA”, & more.

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