Fourth Quarter Meltdown

Eternally Optimistic.

Ballin’ with Bozos: A Podcast Returns


Look.  I know we haven’t done a podcast in like forever but shut up about it OK?  I shouldn’t be saying this but for reals, this podcast is basically the equivalent of going to your local Buffalo Wild Wings 10 minutes before closing time and listening to two bozos drunkenly yap about God-knows-what.  But that’s a fun activity, so why not make that a podcast?  This was recorded 3 nights ago, and since then the Warriors have moved on to the 2nd round, and I’m just posting this pod now, because I’m basically the best blog administrator ever.

Follow the below link to listen to the gang talk about Warriors basketball, David Kahn’s demise (and inevitable rise in a white hot new career), Jason Collins getting the Ballin’ with Bozos stamp of approval, and more.


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