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Magic Johnson Tweets Reaction to Mike D’Antoni Hiring & Shows How to Act Like a Grown Ass Man

Hey weird. Magic Johnson is talking out of both sides of his mouth.

OMG guys.  Magic Johnson isn’t happy.  The good news though, when Magic isn’t happy, he always takes the high road.  Check his tweets from yesterday:

Tweet #1: The reason I haven’t tweeted in 2 days is because I’ve been mourning Phil Jackson not being hired as the Lakers head coach.

Tweet #2: My mother always taught me that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Well thank goodness for that.  That would’ve been poor form to let his emotions get the best of him so he’d say something that could be construed as offensive or judgmental.  Tweeting out a belated response to the hiring of Mike D’Antoni – likening the emotion he felt at that moment to bereavement – is totes the higher road.

But we mustn’t always rely on flawless, measured tweets to keep a level head, amigos.  What happens if you’re put on the spot?  What then??  How in the dickens can one expect to keep it real while still taking the high road?  That’s easy.  Check how Magic – the master of spin and good guy vibes – schooled the media, right after Mike Brown was fired:

(Response to question from Sam Amick of USA Today regarding his alleged role in getting Mike Brown fired):

“It’s so stupid.  They’re so misinformed.  I have never talked to Dr. Buss about firing Mike Brown.  I’ve seen Dr. Buss one time.  I visited with Dr. Buss three months ago.  I had a great visit with him.  We were just reminiscing.  That (claim about Brown) was coming from Mike Brown’s camp, that they thought I played a role in this.  But let me tell you something about Dr. Buss.  First of all, I didn’t do it.  Second of all, if I had a role in it, I’d tell the world.  I don’t have no problem telling people (laughs).  That’s easy.  If I went to tell (Dr. Buss) that, ‘Hey Mike Brown should be out,’ and they fired him, and then somebody said, ‘Well Magic had a hand in it,’ I’d say ‘Yeah, I had a hand in it.’ (laughs).  Have I been telling him from Day One that this guy wasn’t the right guy?  Yes, I’ve said that.  I said that on the air last year.  I’ve always backed up what I say.  But have I went to Dr. Buss ever and said ‘fire this guy’?  Never.  Have I talked to Dr. Buss about Mike Brown ever?  No.”

Well that settles that.  Magic never said to fire Mike Brown because he’s only seen Dr. Buss one time and the only reason this is being suggested is because Mike Brown is making up lies about Magic, but Magic has been telling Dr. Buss since Day One that he was the wrong coach for the Lakers, but never specifically told him to fire Mike Brown, because he’s never actually talked to Dr. Buss about Mike Brown ever.

Cool?  Cool.

Contradictions? Double-speak? Nonsense. How can you not trust that smile.

Now, these reactions may seem like an indictment on Mike D’Antoni and Mike Brown, but they’re not, okay?  Those two are just collateral damage to Magic’s digs at Jimbo Buss’ decision making.  And if we’re talking objectively and for realsies, it’s hard to argue that Phil Jackson might have been a pretty good coach for the Lakers.

And actually, who wouldn’t be okay with Magic being somewhat judgmental of Jimbo Buss’ decision making?  There has only been one recorded instance in which Dr. Jerry Buss and his son Jimbo had a conversation, and it wasn’t the most flattering for the younger Buss.


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