Fourth Quarter Meltdown

Eternally Optimistic.

The Resiliency of Timberwolves Basketball, Best Buy (The Coolest Place to Be), & Proper Usage of the Word Chump

“I must break you.”
– Nikola Pekovic, who claimed the line as his own after beating the bajeezus out of Ivan Drago with his bare hands.

I like to use the word “chump” a lot.  As in, “what are you chumps doin’ tonight?” or “how is that master plan working out for that chump David Kahn in Minnesota?”

Inexplicably, that pompous Alby Grant of the North has put together an exciting team.  Is this Rick Adelman’s doing?  Is David Kahn actually a misunderstood genius?  I have my biases, but that’s neither here nor there.  Here and now they have an exciting team, even as the squad is becoming riddled with injuries.

Check Zach Harper’s take on bench contributions, specifically from former no-name turned contributor, Malcolm Lee:

He’s quick and reactive.  You create space and he takes it away.  His length and reach are like cat burglars coming to take your inherited fortunes.  He’s not Avery Bradley or Tony Allen.  He’s just your run of the mill pest, bothering the hell out of you like a kid who asks his mom 20 times in a row if she’ll take him to Best Buy.

This means one of two things:

1). Either I’m showing my age (young enough to not have children, old enough to not understand the pure awesomeness and youthful intrigue of Best Buy), or…
2). This is the most “Minnesota” simile ever.

There was once I time when I thought of Minnesota youth as a bunch of scrappy ragamuffins with a great sense of humor that took to the streets and worked on hockey moves like the legendary triple deke and called each other things like “cake eater”.  Never again.

The Mighty Ducks: “Can we go to Best Buy?”
Gordon Bombay: “No.”
The Mighty Ducks: “Can we go to Best Buy?”
Gordon Bombay: “No.”
The Mighty Ducks: “Can we go to Best Buy?”
And so on.

But back to basketball.  These guys are playing very good ball (as excellently described by Mr. Harper), all without their best player (KLove) their starting PG (Ricky Rozay Rubio) and countless other injured rotation players.

After all of this happy TWolf chatter, I keep coming back to one thing.  I’m curious to see where this leaves Brandon Roy in the rotation.

But no, no, no kiddies.  I’m not diving head first into that rabbit hole.  Talking about one of my favorite Blazers of all time making a foolish/headstrong comeback when he has no cartilage in his knees while potentially smearing his legacy in Portland and torching bridges with the Blazers management all so he can have a single digit PER for a team that is in a legal battle with the Blazers?  That’s not blogging material.  That’s podcasting material.


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