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Podcast: BALLIN’ WITH BOZOS #1 (with Gaveen and Endo)

Podcasting on Saturday night: such a slam dunk idea that the very thought of it puts even this monster jam to shame.

Wassup ya big nerds!

Say…speaking of things that are totes not nerdy, what’s a fun Saturday night thing to do?  Get drunk and record a basketball podcast.  Obvi.  So that’s what I did on Saturday night with my good friend Endo. 

In the first episode of “Ballin’ with Bozos“: Endo gets angry with Gaveen over his introductory song choice, Gaveen bitches about Sasha Pavlovic, Endo tempers expectations about the Warriors season, Gaveen claims that the best small market front office is not Oklahoma City, Endo abides by the rule of taking shots of Fireball whiskey when he’s being too negative, Gaveen brags about hearing second-hand that he’s about as tall as a Blazer, the Michael Beasley era in Phoenix, and Endo gets angry with Gaveen over his song choice at the end of the pod.

*Worth noting: precisely 30 minutes after completing this abomination of a podcast (high production value notwithstanding) James Harden was traded to the Houston Rockets.  We would have added some commentary on after the fact, but at that point we were far too inebriated on Fireball whiskey, gin, and homemade lemon-lime carbonation drink.


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2 thoughts on “Podcast: BALLIN’ WITH BOZOS #1 (with Gaveen and Endo)

  1. you missed on that one lol

    • In fairness, you did say that I was as tall as Nolan Smith. I just tried to turn a one sentence story into something longer and bombed horribly. I blame the Fireball whiskey.

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