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Lottery Grudge Match: David Lee vs. Lamarcus Aldridge

Wassup amigos!

I was in the midst of doing a real life blog post on my Portland Trail Blazers when I got this gem of a text from my boy Endo.  He’s a lifelong Warriors fan, because he’s a loyal sucker to his mismanaged hometown NBA franchise…AKA: the “Mr. Kettle” to my “Mr. Pot”. 

The text read:

“MY BOY David Lee basically just said he was as good or better than YA BOY LMA #shotsfired”  

Two things.  One: yes.  We both hashtag in texts now.  Twitter is ruining the world.  Two: When he wrote “LMA” he was referring to Lamarcus Aldridge…FYI for all of you bozos that don’t get the Blazer lingo.

Damn, son!  Season hasn’t even started yet and we’ve already got a beef on our hands between two lottery bound teams!

Note: that sound you just heard was Joe Lacob doing this into a camera upon hearing that I declared his fair Warriors a lottery bound team, whilst he believes them to be a top 4 seed (I presume).

So before we all get into a giant tizzy over David Lee’s comments, let’s all just take a giant relax, swig around some sweet savory Fireball whiskey and cool the fuck out.  Now.  What was it exactly that David Lee said? (via Matt Moore of

“I think all the individual stuff will come. If you look at my numbers around All-Star [time] last year and all the stuff we were doing. LaMarcus Aldridge makes the All-Star team, and I don’t. I think if Portland and Golden State’s records are reversed, it’s probably the opposite way [and I make the All-Star team]. And he’s a great player; I’m not talking bad about him at all. But I think all the All-Star appearances, all the respect you want to get, that comes with being on a winning team.”

Eh.  That’s not bad.  But rather than get all pissy about this, let’s just point out three fun facts in all of this:

1). Define “individual” accolades. 

Hey David: see if Lamarcus would trade you last season’s All Star nod in exchange for flipping contracts.  Sooo…you’d take $15,000,000 less in guaranteed money and give it to Lamarcus.  Maybe he’ll write a letter for you or something…maybe get ya to the partay in Houston this year!  Going to Houston to do your job during your supposed vacation is totes worth the $15,000,000, no?

2). Managing expectations: a very fun thing to do

Dave.  You’re a very, very good basketball player.  But about the time your owner (this guy) and your coach (this guy) were declaring you playoff bound (before the season even started), Portland’s captain and franchise cornerstone, “retired” at 26.  That fucking sucked.  Then, another cornerstone that never got put in place, missed another season, and eventually released.  During all of this, Aldridge outplayed you (PER 22.7 to 19.8) and got the team to outperform (carried a broken franchise to 18-16 at the All-Star break). 

Bottom line…I get what you’re saying.  You’re good, you deserve recognition, and you’re behind the curve because of a stacked Western Conference with winning teams who have great power forwards.  So as to why you’re getting shit now…given the circumstances last year, Aldridge was the wrong guy to bring up in the interview.  For the record, you would’ve made the All-Star team last year not if the records were reversed, but if you were on Portland and Aldridge was on GState, and you did what Aldridge did. 

3). Wading through all the bullshit, Lee is saying that he wants to help his team win and when the team has success that will be the best way he can achieve individual success. 

How dare you David! 

Done and done. 

Now.  Before any Warriors fans get fussy with me about this post let me just say one thing: I’ll be posting my season preview of the Blazers tomorrow.  Note: I will be getting drunk to write the thing, because sobriety will not be good for my sanity when covering in depth musings of my Portland Trail Blazers in 2012-2013 (see: Morrison, Adam).


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