Fourth Quarter Meltdown

Eternally Optimistic.

Podcast – Episode 1: Brother Gage

Be warned: The philosophy on blogging at Chunk’s Revenge is to post everything AS IS…warts and all. If you proceed, prepare yourself for the single jankiest podcast in history. Episode description below.


Here’s how this works: Our valiant host Gaveen thinks of one topic of discussion. He then lets the conversation run wild and attempts to create an entire podcast using that one topic as a jumping off point.

Today Brother Gage, Producer of the SuperManlyHappyHour Podcast, joins the discussion. The jumping off point for Episode 1: Fred Willard’s arrest for lewd conduct in an adult movie theater.

Among the topics discussed by Ze Brothers are: bad starts to first podcasts, masturbating in public, 3D anime pornography, gender dynamics in Japan, The Dark Knight Rises (spoiler free), Ryan Gosling, an impromptu game of “who would you rather” with Batman characters, the Portland bar scene, and strip club faux pa’s.

WARNINGS: Gaveen tries to cut off the podcast three times due to its vulgarity, gets progressively more drunk, bores the shit outta Gage for 3 minutes ranting about The Dark Knight Rises, and eventually calls an abrupt end to the podcast because he needs to take a tinkle.


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